Seller Services

If you haven't sold a home in the last several years, the buying process has changed dramatically. Today's buyers engage their own representation. The goal of the buyer's agent is to obtain the best possible price and terms for their client, the buyer. 
The Anderson’s Team will:
  • Help determine the maximum price a buyer will pay in today's market.
  • Represent you and your interests.
  • Send you market updates.
  • Help determine the maximum price a buyer will pay in today's market.
  • Negotiate on your behalf, protecting your equity as though it were their own.
  • Guarantee a timely response to online response lead notification system.
  • Work with you to sell your home within your time expectations.
  • Take the stress out of the selling process.
  • Establish regular communication with agents in the community of North Texas sales professionals through the Multiple Listing Service.
  • Provide exclusive premier Internet sales associates to promote your property to local, national and international audiences.
  • Actively market your home to potential buyers surrounding your property.
  • Use local, regional and national multimedia resources.
Pricing Your Home
Perhaps the most important conversation you will have with us will be establishing the price for your property. The Anderson Team has the knowledge and experience to help you determine the maximum price a buyer will pay in today's market.  Studies show homes priced properly upfront will sell faster and for more money than overpriced homes. Pricing your home higher than comparable listings may help sell your neighbor's home more quickly than your own. 
Fact: Buyers Purchase When They Perceive Value
Buyers will purchase a property when they perceive value. It is the supply that controls the demand, not the demand that controls the supply. A buyer's perception of value pushes prices up or down. 
It is important to: Create a perception of value Generate the greatest volume of traffic through your home in the initial marketing stage, first 14 days. Build that high level of buyer energy and enthusiasm -a sense of urgency.  The "I have to live there!" needs to be created at the onset so you net top dollar for your home
Homes that are perceived as a value, or "hot commodity," will be sold quickly in any real estate market. If a buyer does not see the value, an offer will not be made.

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